7th Grade Girls Basketball Schedule

30-NovAll Saints Catholic SchoolThe Prairie School09:00 AMSTC
01-DecSt. Joseph Catholic AcademySt. Catherine11:00 AMSTC
 St. LucyHope Christian01:00 PMSTC
08-DecSt. LucyThe Prairie School09:00 AMSTC
 All Saints Catholic SchoolSt. Catherine09:00 AMSTR
 St. Joseph Catholic AcademyHope Christian11:00 AMSTC
15-DecAll Saints Catholic SchoolHope Christian09:00 AMSTC
 St. Joseph Catholic AcademySt. Lucy11:00 AMSTC
 St. CatherineThe Prairie School01:00 PMSTC
12-JanHope ChristianSt. Catherine09:00 AMSTR
 All Saints Catholic SchoolSt. Lucy09:00 AMHR
 St. Joseph Catholic AcademyThe Prairie School11:00 AMSTC
19-JanAll Saints Catholic SchoolSt. Joseph Catholic Academy09:00 AMHR
 Hope ChristianThe Prairie School09:00 AMSTR
 St. LucySt. Catherine02:00 PMSTR
26-JanAll Saints Catholic SchoolHope Christian09:00 AMHR
 St. CatherineThe Prairie School12:00 PMHR
 St. LucySt. Joseph Catholic Academy12:00 PMSTL
 NOTE: Location is St. Lucy
02-FebSt. CatherineSt. Lucy09:00 AMSTC
 St. Joseph Catholic AcademyHope Christian10:00 AMSTR
 The Prairie SchoolAll Saints Catholic School12:00 PMHR
09-FebSt. CatherineSt. Joseph Catholic Academy09:00 AMJPII
 The Prairie SchoolHope Christian10:00 AMSTC
 St. LucyAll Saints Catholic School11:00 AMSTC